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 Facilitating labour migrants is our speciality.
Anyone coming to work in the Netherlands as a labour migrant has to cope with a lot of things. The actual job is just one aspect. No less important are the facilities that a labour migrant is looking for. Arrangements that have to be made. And made well. With the knowledge and vision of a specialist in helping labour migrants. This specialist is dockHolland. Welcome in Holland.
DockHolland Huisvesting
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One name, 1.001 facilities

The reception of employees from other countries in the Netherlands calls for a multitude of facilities. It is not just a question of temporary accommodation or transport but also about such things as education and insurance. Moreover, Dutch businesses are obliged to provide good quality reception for foreign workers. dockHolland is a company with multiple business units, each of which is a specialist in its own field. Short lines of communication between the business units guarantee optimum coordination. Synergy is of the first importance. And efficiency is assured. Our services make us the number one facilitator for labour migrants, but also for interim employment agencies and companies that want to receive labour migrants professionally in the Netherlands.
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The leading intermediary for optimum facilities

Treating people with respect. With a human face and a professional attitude. These two sentences sum up DockHolland. We want to use this policy to make a difference in the way we approach labour migrants. Employees from different countries who stay here temporarily are essential for our economy. And we must also make that importance clear in the facilities that we create here, to allow them to work and live as comfortably as possible. The various questions posed by labour migrants can be answered only by specialists. That’s why DockHolland is there. There is no other intermediary in the Netherlands that has such a combination of expertise and facilities, perfectly geared to each other. DockHolland ensures that each labour migrant can have a pleasant, carefree life.
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The world as one big workplace

The world is constantly getting smaller. International agreements make it simple for people to work elsewhere in the world. The Internet has put everyone in touch with each other. Borders have been eliminated, literally sometimes. Working in another country is far from unusual now. However, this creates the erroneous impression that appropriate reception of employees and expats by employers in the Netherlands is little more than a formality. Optimum facilities provision is a critical factor for the success and the image of the Dutch labour market. It’s a demand goes beyond the core business of entrepreneurs. A demand that can only be satisfied by organisations that are dedicated to the optimum reception of labour migrants. Organisations like DockHolland.

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